ELECTED board of director for year 2022

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Abdullah Hamid

Born on 1963 in Kabul Afghanistan. Came to Canada in March 1985. One of the founder member of Acic . Worked in different position on the board of director of Acic and from 2009 to 2017 holding the president position.
I'm here again to do my best for the community.


Nemat Maysam


Komail Ibrahimi

I am applying for the Treasurer Role within the ACIC organization.
I studied in the ACIC Maktab for several years as a youth and now volunteering as an Islamic Studies teacher as an adult. I went to Ryerson University in Toronto and attained a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Global Management Studies and minors in Entrepreneurship and Economics. I have previous working experience in retail and startup environments. I am currently the Director of Business Development for a startup IT company that resells IT hardware and software. I have technical competency for basic computing like emails, social media, and Office programs. I speak English proficiently and may communicate in Farsi as well. I have the interpersonal skills and experience to interact with different stakeholders respectfully and work independently or as part of a team. My father was a person who chose to volunteer and serve this Islamic center for many years of his life, and I want to live in that manner. I want to strive on this path to grow as an individual, increase my faith, and connect with our community.

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Ali Rizai


I am a student in the midst of pursuing a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, at York University. I was born in the year 1997, in Toronto, Ontario. I have thorough experience in management and communications in business for 7+ years and currently hold this position of employment today. I had the privilege of being admitted into the ACIC Board of Directors and elected as Secretary in late 2019 and have 2 years of experience as the ACIC Secretary.
Currently, I am responsible for the various duties and tasks that come with this position. I am also actively involved with ACIC's Maktab, having the honour of teaching Quran to students - while being a part of the strong team of volunteers at Maktab. I was brought up in this community and consider myself extremely blessed to have had a safe environment to not only learn about my faith, learn to speak the Farsi language and recite the holy Quran, but also meet countless influential figures. Who to this day, have positively affected my life, motivated me and instilled the self confidence necessary to pursue such a position. For so long, I have reaped the fruits that this community has provided. Insh'Allah you give me the honour and see me fit to serve our community, once more. 


Hamida Hussainzada

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Sadek Taheri


As a member of Acic i was involved with education departments as Quran teacher since 2000 and officially started working with board of director of Acic from 2005. Currently own a construction company



Abdul Wase Shahsamand


Having arrived in Toronto, Canada, approximately 25 years ago, I have been blessed with the honour of calling ACIC home for the past 20+ years.  During my years at ACIC, I have been given the priviledge and honour to help out with many roles and volunteer opportunities, the most recent being on the Board of Directors as the Director of Logistics, as of 2018.  Having been a member of ACIC for many years, it has allowed me to build a strong foundation and relationship with our community and it's members. I've also been able to learn and put into practice what I have observed the needs of my community to be.  Till date, I have successfully executed the responsibilities of my role by managing the affairs that take place within our Jamea, including; managing the Volunteers, taking charge of the catering for various events, large events such as Muharram, Ramadan, and Eid, coordinating the cleaning and maintenance of the building, handling funeral Majalis’, etc.  Given my experience, knowledge, and commitment, I hope I am given the honour and opportunity by my community to humbly serve once again for this coming year, inshAllah.



Morteza Rasoul


I’ve been attending events and volunteering at ACIC since I was a child. I was previously an AYC executive and I have been director since 2018. Some of my other experience includes chairing the Naynawah conference and working in my field of study (industrial engineering). I hope to continue to improve youth engagement and empowerment and to assist in our progress as a community insha Allah. 



Ghani Homa

416-735 1868

My first involvement with ACIC was teaching Farsi Classes at School for 5 years. As the result, I was elected as the Director of Education and held this position for three years.

In 2002, while I was a Board Member, I came to the realization that our YOUTH requires kind of religious and cultural services that meet their needs and to be designed according to their method of understanding. I submitted my proposal to the Board of Directors for the establishment of a YOUTH SERVICES within ACIC. Fortunately it was approved and this was how AYC was founded. 

in regard to Cultural  ackground,  I have written several articles including but not limited on Social, Cultural, immigration, and parents / youth issues within the Afghan  community . Meanwhile, I have given numerous Speeches around those issues on the Radio, Television, and at the Conferences. I was an Editorial Member of a Cultural and Family Magazine, ASHIAN, in Toronto for 6 years.

Meanwhile, for over 5 yeras, I was one of the organizer and facilitator of over 250 Workshops on numerous social, cultural, and mental health topics at Sabawoon Afghan Education and family servises ( SAFE ) for Afghan Community in GTA.
I studied Community Work at George Brown College and have worked in the Mental Health Field for over 15 years.

My main goal is to focus on keep increasing the quality and quantity of the Religious and Cultural programs. Also to enhance it  through Online measure to provide an opportunity for a larger group of viewers locally and globally to benefit from our programs. 


Towfiq Sakhi

I've always wanted to give back to the community and Alhamdulillah now I have a chance to help the community through working as the Director of Internal Communication & IT. I've been coming to the community center as long as I can remember and was studied in Maktab from Grade 1 until I completed it in Grade 8. I am now teaching at Maktab as another way to give back to the community for all the countless hours that I was able to learn the values and principles of the Ahlul Bayt that I instill into my life today. During the lockdowns, I took the lead on the weekly ACIC programs and would prepare all of the videos ahead of time, making sure that even though the doors of the center were closed, ACIC was still able to connect to everyone through online programs. Since then, I have also helped out with the live programs, working with the previous director of IT, Abbas Abdul Hashim. Through these experiences, I have been able to learn this position and feel that I would be best suited for this role. I am skilled in multimedia production and design, and am willing to learn as much as possible to be able to successfully lead as the director of Internal Communication & IT. 


Sulaiman Mazaryar

My journey with ACIC started in 2005, and I have been an active member/volunteer ever since.
With over 11 years of professional experience in finance I was able to streamline the day to day accounting functions of ACIC where we can have a reliable database to access all needed information. I will continue to work on improving finance team workflow and collaboration across ACIC.