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meet the board of directors

ACIC’s affairs are primarily run and managed by a Board of Directors, along with the help of volunteers. Members of the Board of Directors are elected in annual general meeting by ACIC members and serve on a volunteer basis. Currently, the ACIC Board of Directors consists of the following eleven members:

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Abdullah Hamid

Abdullah Hamid was elected as the ACIC president in 2021. Previously, he had served the community as the president as well.

The President is the chief executive officer of the ACIC and presides over all meetings of the organization and the Board as Chairman. The President also governs the general and active management of the organization and ensures that orders and resolutions of the Board are carried into effect.


Nemat Maysam

Nemat Maysam joined the Board of Directors in 2016.

The Vice-President, in the absence or disability of the President performs the duties and exercises the powers of the President and assists the President in management of the affairs of the organization.


Komail Ibrahimi

Komail Ibrahimi joined the Board of Directors in 2022 as Director of Logistics.

The treasurer is responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds, receipting for collection and disbursement of funds, and reporting financial statements to the Board of Directors and members.


Ali Rizai

Ali Rezai, has been the Secretary of ACIC since 2020.

The Secretary attends all meeting and records all votes and minutes of all proceedings in the books to be kept for that purpose. He sends out all required notices, responds to all correspondence, exercises full authority over and is responsible for the general office and its staff, acts as custodian of the seal of the organization, certifies documents issued by the organization when required and performs such other duties as may from time to time be prescribed by the Board.


Director of Women affairs
mahwash dawari

Mahwash Dawari joined the Board in different years in the past. The Director of Women’s Affairs is responsible for the general and active management of the affairs of the organization relating to female members as well as:


  • making sure women’s issues and needs are addressed and their voices are heard by the President and the Board.

  • ensuring women’s active participation in all ACIC events.

  • organizing events, gatherings and women-specific programs and training (such as sewing and Quran recitation classes).

Sadek Tahiri.jpeg

Director of Education
Sadek Taheri

Sadik Tahiri joined the Board as Director of Education in 2021.

The Director of Education is responsible for supervising the community's educational affairs and activities, from developing educational materials to hiring experienced teachers.

For more information about our educational programs or to register your children please visit

Elyas Pareiz.jpeg

Director of logistics
Sayed Elyass Parweez

Sayed Elyass Parweez joined the Board as Director of Logistics in 2023, which was formerly Social Affairs. The Director of Logistics is responsible for the general and active management of the affairs of the organization’s logistic needs.

The Director coordinates and manages volunteers, catering services, property maintenance and burial services including Fateha and Khatem-e Quran.


Director of
youth services (AYC)
Sanam Paiwand


Director of
cultural affairs
Ghani Homa

Ghani Homa joined the Board as director of education in 2003 and was elected as Director of Cultural Services in 2019.

The Director of Cultural Services is responsible for the general and active management of the affairs of the organization relating to its cultural and religious affairs. Duties include preparing and disseminating strategic policy and guidelines pertaining to the cultural and religious initiatives of the organization.
The Director of Cultural Services organizes weekly programs, religious and cultural celebrations and other community events.

Sanam Paiwand was elected as Director of Youth Services in 2023. Previously, she had worked as a member of Afghan Youth Committee (AYC) executive committee for several years.

The Director of Youth Services is responsible for creating a vision and strategic plan for AYC. The Director leads the AYC, works closely with ACIC Board members and maintains relationships with the external communities to provide quality programs and initiatives for youth.


The Director is also responsible for managing the AYC executive team and updating the ACIC Board on plans and projects.


Director of
Internal Communications & IT
Towfiq Sakhi


Director of Finance
Sulaiman mazaryar

Sulaiman Mohammad Gul joined the Board of Directors as Director of Finance in 2021.

The Director of Finance is responsible for keeping full and accurate accounts of all assets, liabilities, receipts and disbursements of the organization  in the books belonging to the organization .

Towfiq Sakhi joined the Board in 2022 as Acting Director of Internal Communications & IT.

The Director of Internal Communications & IT is responsible for communicating organization matters to members, including sending information to members and publicizing events through social media and other communications tools.

He also maintains and monitors the ACIC websites and social media. Other responsibilities include:

  • event videography and photography

  • live streaming

  • managing, maintaining and updating IT equipment and services including  servers, computers, IT room, access points, cameras, TVs, WiFi, ACIC LAN Network, data management & Backup, network cabling, network security and software installation

Former Board of Directors


1991 - 1993      M. Ibrahim Qasemi
1994 - 1995      Faqir Hussain Sharifi
1996 - 2001      M. Ibrahim Qasemi
2002:                  Faqir Hussain Sharifi
2003 - 2005      M. Ibrahim Qasemi
2006 - 2008      Faqir Hussain Sharifi
2009 - 2017      Abdullah Hamid

2018 - 2020       Hameed Zarabi
2021 - Now      Abdullah Hamid


1991 - 1992       Faqir Hussain Sharifi
1993                  Enayatullah Jawan Shir
1994 - 1995      M. Naem Farzam
1996                  M. Nabi Akram
1997                  Latifullah Latifi
1998                  M. Naem Farzam
1999 - 2000      Faqir Hussain Sharifi
2001                  Abdul Satar Frotan
2002                  Abdullah Hamid
2003 - 2004      Abdul Aziz Shahsamad
2005                  Faqir Hussain Sharifi
2006- 2015       Abdul Aziz Shahsamad
2016                   Zabi Abduli
2017                   Atifa Rasoul

2018 - 2021       Ibrahim Mohebi

2022 -                Nemat Maysam


1991 - 1992      M. Naem Farzam
1993                 M. Kazim Bayat
1994 - 1995      Abdullah Hamid
1996 - 1998      M. Asif Abbasi
1999 - 2000      M. Naem Farzam
2001 - 2003      M. Asif Abbasi
2004 - 2006      Abdullah Hamid
2007 - 2017      M. Asif Abbasi

2018 - 2021      Farhat Najem

2022 -               Komail Ibrahimi


1991 - 1992:      Said Jawed Jawadi
1993                  Hashmatullah Majidi
1994                  Abdullah Azizi
1995                  M. Nabi Akram
1996                  Abdul Samad Azada
1997 - 2000      Abdullah Azizi
2001 - 2002      Abdul Aziz Shahsamand
2003 - 2004      Lotfuallah Latifi
2005 - 2007      Jamshid Hussaini
2008 - 2019      Ali Zamani

2020 - Now        Ali Rizai

Cultural Services

1992                   Enayatullah Jawan Shir
1993 - 1994        M. Ayoub Sediqi
1995                   Aziz Rasul
1996                   M. Ayoub Sediqi
1997                   Abdul Qadir Arib
1998 - 1999        Abdul Rauf Rafat
2000 - 2002        M. Kabir Bakhtiari
2003 - 2015       Hameed Zarabi
2016                   Rashid Farzam
2017 - 2017       Yassir Taqinijad
2017 - 2018        Abdullah Azizi

2019 - Now       Ghani Homa

Women Services

1993                   Sultana Aslam Zada
1994 - 1995        Zuhra Arib
1996                   Sultana Aslam Zada
1997                   Rahima Sharifi
1998 - 2001        Zuhra Arib
2002 - 2003        Hamida Hussain Zada
2004                   Zuhura Arib
2005 - 2006        Hamida Hussain Zada
2007 - 2016        Mahwash Dawari
2017                   Hamida Hussain Zada

2018 - 2021       Mahwash Dawari

2022                  Hamida Hussain Zada

2023                  Mahwash Dawari

Educational Services

1992                    Abdul Qadir Arib
1993                    Faqir Hussain Sharifi
1994 - 1996         Zuhra Arib
1997                    Nasima Sidiqi
1998                    Faqir Hussain Sharifi
1999 - 2000         Nasima Sidiqi
2001 - 2002         Abdul Jalil Sarwari
2003 - 2004         Ghani Huma
2005                    Sadeq Tahiri
2006                    Zuhra Arib
2007 - 2019          Sadeq Tahiri    

2020                     Sowita Hashimi

2021 - Now          Sadeq Tahiri   

Youth Services

2003 - 2004          Jamshid Hussaini
2005 -  2007         Hamid Ramazani
2008 -  2010         Jamshid Hussaini
2011 -  2015         Atifa Rasul
2016 -  2017        Asma Shahsamand

2018 - 2022         Morteza Rasoul

2023 -                   Sanam Paiwand

Social Services

1991 - 1993          Abdullah Hamid
1994                     Sher Ahmad Naqi Zada
1995                     Said Habib Sajjadi
1996                     Mosa Haidari
1997                     Abdul Ghafoor Amiri
1998 - 2001          Abdullah Hamid
2002 - 2004          M. Reza Haji Abdul Ali
2005 - 2008           Abdullah Hamid
2009 - 2016           M. Fahim Hashimi
2017                      Fahat Najem

2018 - 2022           Wase Shahsamand

2023 - Now           Sayed Elyass Parweez

Internal Communications & IT

2013 - 2016      Hamida Ahmadi
2016 - 2020      Nemat Maysam 
2021 - 2021      Abbas Abdul Hashim
2022 -               Towfiq Sakhi


2013 -  2017  Suleiman Mazaryar

2018 - 2020   Zahra Hafiz

2021 - Now  Suleiman Mazaryar

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