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New Project

It has been about four decades since some of our community members initially migrated to Canada from different parts of Afghanistan in search of a better and safe place to live and raise their children. In 1991, when ACIC was officially registered as non-profit charitable organization, there were only 30 family members registered. At the moment, ACIC has more than 1200 family and single members, which indicates how rapidly our community has been growing; not just because of the wave of new immigrants each year, but due to the increasing number of our second generation that was born and raised in Canada.

As a result of this growth, the basic and limited facility ACIC currently owns is not responsive to the needs of our growing community anymore. Notably, it is not aligned with the needs of our emerging new generation that requires modern and attractive facilities to feel engaged and involved within the community.  

In 2009, due to the above mentioned reasons, ACIC purchased a plot of land located on 88 Sunrise Avenue which is adjacent to our current location. This land is approximately 3.32 acres (13,440 square meters) at a value of $2,500,000.


The plan is to build a great Islamic-cultural complex on this land, which will include modern and spacious mosque, gathering halls, library, classrooms and sport facilities.

The site plan for this project is with the City of Toronto for final approval. The construction will commence as soon as the site plan is approved.


To accomplish this crucial and great project, we need the support of all community members. Your donation for this great community cause would be a sadaqa jaria for you and your loved ones.

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