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Funeral Service

The ACIC has been committed to provide full emotional support when there is a death in the community by providing comprehensive funeral and burial services from taking care of the official paper work to transportation of the deceased body from home or hospital to the ACIC centre as well as the Taghseel, Takfeen, Jenaza prayer and Tadfeen.

The ACIC pays for complete funeral and burial expenses if the deceased had been an active member for the past three years and has no outstanding balance in terms of membership fees. All expenses are covered except surcharges such as outside GTA pickup, Holiday and Sunday cemetery burial services and any other surcharges.

Non-members or members who do not qualify must pay the following costs:

  • $2000 service fee

  • $3500 grave fee at Elgin Mills Cemetary or $2500 for Toronto Muslim Cemetery

  • $2000-$2200 for paper work, coffin and transportation (cost payable to the Funeral Services)

  • $1000-$1200 for cemetery service charges (payable to the cemetery)


Non-members can use our internal facilities for $1000.


Fateha مجالس فاتحه و ختم قرآن کریم

ACIC offers full Fateha and Khatem-e Quran service for members and non-members including arranging for Quran reciters, speakers and catering service.


Fateha majlis are recommended to be held on Thursday nights (6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.) before the weekly programs as most members prefer to attend the weekly programs while participating in the Fateha. Also, the second and last Sundays of each month (10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m) is dedicated to the Fateha majlis.


Note: If there is a Wiladat celebration on a Thursday night, no Fateha can be held on that night. It is up to the families to have the Fateha either on Friday night (6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.) or on a Sunday morning.



Members are not required to pay any fee for Fateha majlis; however, donations are welcome as there is always cost associated to hold a majlis, including utilities, Quran reciters’ and speakers’ fees, food and tea, cleaning, etc.

Non-members should pay $500 fee for having a Fateha on Sunday morning or $300 for Thursday nights.


Announcements for Fateha should be typed in Farsi/Dari and emailed to no later than Tuesday before the Thursday service. Please ensure you include only names of immediate family members in the announcement, due to the capacity restriction in the recording system.

Announcements will be recorded and can be heard on our news line 416-757-2553

Serving Food for Khatem-e Quran

Members can welcome their guests by serving food after the Fateha or Khatem-e-Quran. Due to the ACIC general assembly resolution, members can only serve their guests with rice and only one kind of stew (khoresh), salad and bottled water. This rule applies to all Fateha and Khatem-e-Quran gatherings at ACIC.

How do I arrange for cateing?

ACIC will arrange for catering. Make a list of your guests and let us know how many people you have invited.   

Catering for a minimum of 100 people needs to be ordered. The cost would be $7 per person. For orders of more than 100 people, the cost will be reduced to $6 per person.


For Thursday nights, extra food for 50 people should be added for those attending weekly events to be paid by the host family. If there is more than one Fateha on Thursday night, the cost will be shared between the host families.

To place a catering order or to book your Fateha or Khatem-e Quran please contact the Director of Logistics, at 416-757-2553


Although ACIC volunteers are always available for cleaning after a Fateha, we encourage the host families to assign a few people to help volunteers serve the food, clean the halls, kitchen and washrooms. This will help keep the center clean and prepared for the next gathering and subsequent Fateha

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