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Youth Services
ACIC’s youth programs and services are coordinated by the Afghan Youth Committee (AYC).

Our Youth Committee’s mission is to empower our youth’s critical understanding and awareness of their faith and traditions that masks the Canadian-Afghan Muslim identity.

AYC has been focusing on providing the community with a holistic set of programs ranging from lectures to social programs. The committee’s aim is to bring together the community in an engaging, interactive and educational manner.

Also, the AYC’s main goal is to provide the community with many different opportunities throughout the year to learn more about Islam through different methods.

AYC social events allow youth to try something fun and get to know others in the community in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. Throughout the years, AYC has held events such as skating, skiing, BBQs, horseback riding, swimming, soccer tournaments and more! AYC’s cultural events are focused on celebrating our Afghan culture in a memorable way and have culturally-related events such as Nowroz Carnival, Eid Family Picnics and more.

For more information visit AYC website. Or contact the director of youth section at 416-757-2553 EXT 33

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